We received the following letter of thanks from Mr Barry Nuckley

“Dear Carpet Cleaners World

I’m writing to thank you for the advice and help you have given me recently.  I’ve been a truckmount operator for 20 years, and have used machines from most manufacturers.  I’m more than used to using with pretty much any truckmount, and dealing with all the related issues and difficulties.  I’ve always hoped to find a machine that offers the ultimate in reliability.  Many posts on the various forums mention the HydraMaster Titan 575 machine, its quality of build and its reliability, which is why I made the decision to contact you.   After speaking with you and agreeing a price and time frame, I can now say that I am a very proud owner of a HydraMaster Titan 575 machine.  Not only is the build quality second to none and the performance simply outrageous; the reliability is exactly what I was hoping for.  It is the ULTIMATE machine when it comes to reliability.  I know that every time I switch the machine on, it will start and run like a dream, every time, end of story.  Thank you so much for your help, I cannot thank you enough.”



hydramaster titan 575 uk